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Always remember to test your water!

Posted on July 11, 2013 at 11:59 AM Comments comments (58)
Is Water Testing Important?
When you think about it, when you draw water from the tap at your home or office, you put a lot of trust in the public filtration systems to deliver to you pure and clean water that will not make you sick when you drink it. As more information comes to light about the high levels of contamination that is in the water that goes out to homes in most communities, that trust may be naive and misplaced.
Many cities provide water to their citizens that is stored in water towers or that comes from a public resource such as a local lake or river. When you drive by that lake or river and you see people swimming and boating in that water, does it dawn on you that you are watching contamination of the water you will be drinking tomorrow morning? Of a greater concern is when you see livestock in that water, you know that what comes out of animals goes right into the water that flows into the pipes that come to your home.
Many waterways that provide water for public consumption are lined with factories as well. Those industries use that water to clean or cool their machinery or as a place to dump unwanted chemicals. We wish this was not true but over and over it is shown that this kind of intentional contamination of the water we all depend on for life and cleanliness and health is going on all the time.
How do you know if the water you are drinking is safe? There are agencies performing some basic water testing to determine if there is a crisis level health threat in the water the public consumes. It is true that the water that goes into the pipes to come to your house is filtered by at a water processing plant. That filtration performs only some basic protection against contaminants that can make you and your family very sick.
In addition, any number of contaminants can enter the water once it leaves the water processing plant. There are no provisions for water testing or filtering past that point which means that when you turn the faucet on to get water to drink, what is coming out may or may not be healthy or safe to give to your family. Without adequate water testing, there is no way of knowing that.
Water testing can help let you know if the water you use for cooking, taking showers, and drinking is safe to use and healthy. If you have no resources to perform water testing, the likelihood is high that contaminated water can get through to your home and introduce dangerous contaminants that could cause wide-ranging health problems. Many health issues that we blame on illness or allergies or that we have no explanation for at all are being caused by contamination in the water that could contain anything from farming fertilizer to pesticides to pharmaceutical products to animal feces.
There are many ways to get help with water testing to learn more about what is in your water. A qualified water filtration expert from a company like The FixZit Man can help guide you to find out the level of contamination that is in your water and what specific contaminants you may be exposing your family to if you do not have a home water filtration system in place. In addition, you can buy a water-testing kit at the hardware store or from the internet so you can routinely perform water testing yourself. When you find out the level of water contamination you have, you will have taken the first step toward solving the problem of unfiltered water entering your home.